The funeral party (wake for a woodworm), 2010, acrylics on canvas, 151 x 90 cm

Wake for a woodworm

The real wake is not actually around the coffin, but on the lid, a very small scene. Hopefully the observer should have to look for the detail and then understands the title and subtitle. I was initially undecided between “The funeral party” and “Wake for a woodworm,” chose the first, but then my sister Kathy […]

The tyre shop miracle, 2011, acrylics on canvas, 60 x 60 cm

The tyre shop miracle

This is a painting based on something that I see most days when I’m cycling in Milan. There are several tyre-change shops that have a stack of tyres outside, presumably to catch attention. It struck me that rubber is extracted from trees and transformed by an industrial procedure, and so I imagined inverting the process […]