Beach Boys

Beach Boys

Beach Boys, 2015, 78 x 75 cm, acrylics on canvas. Below is the first sketch:    

Wise tree, 2005, acrylics and gold on wood, 20 x 30 cm

The intelligence of trees

The natural world is full of surprises. Trees, for example. At the end of its first year’s growth, an apple tree has already made 17 million root hairs, with a total length of about 2 kilometres. These root hairs are not just passive filaments absorbing water and minerals. They react to the environment; they have […]

Intelligent tree, 2007, acrylics on canvas, 220 x 175 cm

Trees, weapons of mass creation

The alchemy performed by artists, who transmute dead, leaden material into something of value, is nothing in comparison with the miracle performed by trees, that transform inorganic gases, water and minerals into vast and complex structures, giving oxygen and life to our planet. Trees are veritable weapons of mass creation. To perform this operation, trees […]